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Here you will be able to download the program we have weekly on Tuesday from 20:00 to 21:00 on 98.8

We will also put extra info in our blog and in general you can win prices

Aguila and Aki -

dj Akî and dj Aguila live on the radio lots of vinyl discoveries

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 28 01 2014

Aguila has bought excellent new vinyls and shares them with you. We are glad to announce that we'll organize another Vicuna party on March 8 in Brussels ! SITE: www.vicuna.be FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1455556421333647

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 08 01 2014

Stephanie presents another of her passions : SWING ! Dj Nasty Bartender joins us in the retro fun. A special way to start of the year but we feel that this revival deserves a place in our program.

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 10 12 2013

We played a mix of Dj Aki who will be opening our party this Saturday in Brussels

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 03 12 2013

Miss Lotgering presents the Dandy and Hans aka Deer du Bois lets us discover Sailor & I and Wild at Heart

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 26 11 2013

Aguila played vinyls with a special love for Patrick Cowley while we were having an interview with Fabio Fulvo from FÖR, a new store in Brussels we like to give our support.

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 05 11 2013

Stephanie Lotgering talks about 90s fashion and is supported by some mega hits

Never Alone / 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor / 1993
Push The Feeling On / Nightcrawlers / 1992
Out of Space / The Prodigy / 1992

Deer du Bois talks about Austra and Banks, gives some highly wanted tickets away and we end with a mix of The Stress

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 29 10 2013

dj Aki and dj Aguila

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 22 10 2013

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 01 10 2013

Stephanie talks about men's hats, Hans about Phèdre, Sweatshirt and Mykki Blanco and we give away tickets and a K7tape !

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 03 09 2013

Stephanie talks about Belgian Fries and we listen to "potato chips" tracks :) Deer du Bois presents No Ceremony and Heavenly Beat and we end with a dj mix of Friendly Fires

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 21 05 2013

dj Aguila provided a super tracklist of the period that Vaudeville was in its high days, the nineties, with some gorgeous house classics !

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 02 04 2013

Program about vintage furniture with Stephanie having an interview with Broceliande. Deer du Bois presents Autre ne Veut and John Grant. We also have a mix of Acid Washed to talk about the next party on Saturday April 14.



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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 25 03 2013

Vicuna organised a free party at Kaaitheater. dj Aguila prepared this delicious special Vogue set http://www.vicuna.be http://www.vicuna.be/artist/aguila

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 19 03 2013

Info and tracklist : http://www.vicuna.be/blog/57-uk-dub-in-the-house

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 05 03 2013

We give away our "deer" collaborator Deer du Bois aka Hans ! :) To prepare you for a perfect date, Stephanie talks about etiquette. Mr Deer talks about two bands: Kisses and Inc. We have an interview with Stellar OM Source, her tracks and dj mix and of course we talk about the next party on April 14 where she is a part of !

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 19 02 2013

dj Aguila and dj Aki zoom in on dj and producer Vakula and play related tunes, vinyl only.

More info on http://www.vicuna.be/blog/57-vicuna-on-fm-brussel-tonight-19-02-2013

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 05 02 2013



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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 23 01 2013

Aguila and Aki live at the studio

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 15 01 2013

Sonidos del Aguila and Dj Akî tonight on FM Brussel with a fine selection of Vicuna like music !

Expect releases from Nowar, tracks from The Florian Müller Project, Vakula, Dream 2 Science and Trus Me and lots of other gems served by the both djs.

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 08 01 2013

Hangovers by Stephanie Lotgering http://www.losninos.be/blog/56-hangover
and 3 bands presented by Deer du Bois http://www.losninos.be/blog/56-deer-du-bois-on-fm-brussels-iv--yuno---ms-mr---isaac-delusion

(Yuno, Ms Mr, Isaac Delusion)

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Deer du Bois - Best of 2012


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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 18 12 2012

Aguila and Walrus make a selection of which vinyls they bought in 2012 and present some unreleased tracks of Bepotel, Walrus (himself) and more Brussels and Belgian talent.

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 04 12 2012

cocktails, make the Old Fashioned, champagne tracks, The Mansisters, Young Magic with Stephanie Lotgering and Deer du Bois

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 20 11 2012

Aguila talks about 100% and plays a mix of Magic Touch http://www.vicuna.be/blog/55-tracklist-vicuna-on-fm-brussel-21-11-2012

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 14 11 2012

Deer du Bois made a 1hr compilation for Sandrina Fasoli and we play it on FM Brussel http://www.losninos.be/blog/55-deer-du-bois--the-forest-mixtape

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 06 11 2012

New Beat + Rush Midnight & Night Works + dj mix JD Samson

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 23 10 2012


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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 09 10 2012

live set dj Whoo

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 02 10 2012

Hats (Philip Treacy / Stephen Jones) + Au Palais + Le Tigre + Marie Madeleine + How To Dress Well

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 25 09 2012

Live mix Aguila / Walrus

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FM Brussel - Vicuna program 18 09 2012

Ron Hardy + Live mix Aguila / Walrus

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FM Brussel - Los Ninos program 04 09 2012

Vintage kleding + Liaisons Dangereuses + The Priscillas + Purity Ring + Matthew Dear

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