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Since 2004


We sum up Los Niños as "A very open-minded private party of a bunch of adults behaving like kids that got seriously out of hand". We like to keep it exciting for you and us and will keep pushing.


We like to invite new artists, some well-known in their country but of whom very little people here have heard.

Los Niños has no guestlist but gives free tickets to those who need it most. We have a trans and cash list.

"Where is it?" Wherever we feel at home and can throw a party. Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Lisbon were on the party map. Train stations, swimming pool, metro stations, clubs, warehouses, squares ..

"When is it?". Inspired by art, music, fashion, architecture we organize when we feel that the pieces of the puzzle fit.

Some other amazing stuff we did ;) We were the first to mix organic food & drinks with clubbing, added ecological elements, built our own ticketing platform, first used SMS to inform about our parties, opened a successful club (FFORMATT) that was fully recycled at its closure, invited over 300 artists, acknowledged the role of women in music, first used a non discrimination charter, launched other concepts to underline other art and music, chose graphic designers to work on artwork - not flyers, revived Outsoon Magazine, worked with fashion designers, opened Impulstanz in Vienna for over 5000 people, ran a radio program for 2 years, traveled over different countries, over 30 venues.




los NINOS del parque (pronounce: ninios) is a song of Liaisons Dangereuses.

Contradictions: at the same time that Bucks Fizz wins the Eurovision song contest with "For making your mind up", Liaisons Dangereuses lets us taste the very best of the new wave 80's area.

We love the multi aspect: the title is Spanish but on the album you can also hear English, French and German. The song is no reference for the music played at Los Niños, but combines surprising contradictions, just as we like 'm: dark beats next to a playful title, low bases against screamy voices.

And hey, the party did start in the city "Parque" of Antwerp... on May 28, 2004.

About Los Ninos Sex


We embrace all sexual preferences (with consent). We stand for sex positivity. This includes gender identity, orientation, nudity, relationship styles, body positivity, etc. We sometimes have a dark room at our parties. Explore your fantasies, with respect.

We advocate for sexually marginalized groups. We advocate for LGBTQIA+. Shame-free, empowering, and nonjudgmental. We support the decriminalization of sex work and work on reducing prejudice about trans people.


We promote safe sex. Thanks to Sensoa we distributed condoms at quite some parties. In 2023 we made Los Niños condoms to spread the love vibe.



NO …


violence, hostility, sexism, racism, misogyny, slut shaming,
transphobia, homophobia, body shaming, ableism, islamophobia, cultural appropriation, unwanted touching at our parties.

If such event occurs the offender will be immediately removed.







We believe everyone who likes to party at Los Niños is important so we do our very best to give special treatments to all. We have difficulties categorizing people / friends and giving free access. Based on which criteria? 


We keep entrance fees reasonable for the line up and venue you get. If you are famous and/or rich we're sure you're dying to contribute.

We don't believe parties are fun with a bunch of uninterested sponsors getting in for free and just watching the rest.

Buy cheaper tickets online. The earlier you buy, the cheaper they are.

You get in for free if you work for the party. Press gets free access for a review. This also means that there is no guestlist for people working at Los Ninos nor for the artists, djs, bands etc. unless the persons would work for the night or contribute.


Some people have done so much for the party that they get free-for-life.

If you can't make it to your favourite family reunion because you're low on cash or if you are trans or under the trans umbrella, contact us for a free ticket on Facebook or Instagram (up to one day before the party).


We exists 20 years in 2024 and will stop working with extra concepts. We confused you enough ;) We had fun presenting different music styles with different artwork but we will now focus on Los Niños and explain which music styles we present. Music mixes remain available per artist so can get an idea of what to expect.



2019 - 2020

We opened our own venue of 1000m2 in the heart of Brussels. A platform for our own parties but also for the ones we like. Under the name STORY NIGHTS we presented a holistic approach to music selection, relating to the full story of an artist, collective or record label.

Unfortunately we had to close earlier then foreseen due to Covid19.

Pics thanks to Nachtschaduw



about vicuna


2009 - 2023

The vicuna is an animal living in the alpine areas of the Andes in South America and is a relative of the llama and alpaca. They have an extraordinary hearing. Vicunas produce extremely fine wool yet can only be shorn every 3 years. When this is done, special parties are organized.

The concept is called VICUNA as it offers innovative and quality music,  vinyl for special occasions. Think music freaks, djs trying to find that rare edit, collectors of 12".


Bringing out a rare energy, as rare as the animal.


Release your Beast.

About Les Bals


Les Bals showcases a contemporary take on vintage both in aesthetics and music. Offering a variety of 70s to today's hidden (but also highly popular) musical gems. Pop and more. Sing along.

2013 - 2023

About 3D.HD.404


2017 - 2023

Ever since we invited Slava in 2013 and Fatima Al Qadiri afterwards, we added drops of new digital styles into Los Niños. We wanted to set this new breed of experimental, deconstructed club, avant pop, baile funk, grime, new vogue, queer hip hop in a setting on its own so we launched 3D.HD.404.

∞ ∞ ∞ 3 Dimensions.High Definition.Error 404 ∞ ∞ ∞


A tribute to women and girls in music, bands, dj.

We often have female djs or performers in our line up but this was a statement between 2006 and 2009.

Las Ninas

2006 - 2009

About Finger


flair - touch - sure instinct - instinctive feeling - tact
"having a sure instinct about something, an intuitive understanding"


Dancing, not Banging
<125 BPM (= Beats Per Minute) 

The two first parties were an italo tribute. Following parties were  influenced by nu disco and high energy but included a wider

<125 bpm selection.

2010 - 2011

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