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Our 100th party

We just created the event for our 100th party . Who would have imagined when we first started in 2004 in Antwerp with what was supposed to be a one-off party ? 141 deejays and bands , 29 different venues from Antwerp to Brussels to Gent to Lisbon. Stimulated by new music and hyperactivity we gave birth to 6 concepts - Los Ninos Vicuna and Les Bals as most known but also Finger(SpitzenGefuhl) and most recently 3D.HD.404 and SlikkeBitch . We often get the remark that no one knows the difference :) We made this page and put our headline djs to sum it up: :) So many people we had fun with. So many nights to fall off stages, fall in love, fall on our knees. We've been through good times and bad times but all in all we kept up our relationship with most of you and for that we want to thank you. We're not done yet. Not at all. New people to join our team. So many things still to discover and so much fun to be had with you. Looking forward! ★★★★★ #100 : Los Ninos & Vicuna ★★★★★



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