JD Samson flying in for Gay Pride

Happy Pride news .. For our party on May 20, we fly in the hero of all LGBTQI's from New York : JD Samson. Known from Le Tigre Official Facebook and Peaches (and The Herms), she is a party organiser, part of the band MEN, human/women rights activist, TEDx speaker, appearing in Shortbus, cover of Vogue, cofounder of Dykes Can Dance, supporter of PussyRiot and let's not forget: a damn good and fun dj ! (and we just learnt that she even wrote a track for Christina Aguilera , Junior Senior , French Horn Rebellion and Cobra Starship)

Time to buy the cheapest tickets : www.smickets.com

Join our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/445769752480005



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