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An LGBTQI hero for Brussels Pride

For those who didn't know yet, or didn't invite their friends yet or were still thinking "OMG all those parties at the same time", let me tell you a bedtime story.

Once upon a time, a girl was member of Le Tigre, Peaches and MEN, wrote tracks for Christina Aguilera and Pussy Riot and played in Shortbus. I could stop there as that is sufficient to be my hero but this girl has done so much more as an activist, feminist, writer and party organiser that she is the personification of thé LGBTQI hero to invite for our Pride Party (that we turned into a charity party for Chechen gay organisations).

I take a phrase from her site "The vibe that I want people to feel is ‘We all love each other in this room and we want to hold on to each other'."




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